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dearly beloved, are you listening

Scarlet Michelle
8 September 1986
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The name is Scarlet Michelle, the name you call me is up to you. Don't call me Scarlet Michelle though, it's too long, even for me. I love to read fanfiction, and write it when the creative bug bites me and I have the time. I love music in most of its forms.
I <3 a lot of things though lol.

I'm an Aussie, and proud of it. And I love my music...I said that though didn't I? Lol....I love pretty much anything, except country. My fave band is Green Day, so just assume from there :)

I love reading and writing, especially fanfiction.

I like a lot of stuff. I don't do a whole heap of stuff, but I do spend an incredible amount of time living in a dream world. And I forget to write it down...but it would rock...

Uh, other than that.....I don't know lol. I'm a little bit of everything. So probably in the words of Green Day(the best freaking band in the world!) "I am nothing and everything all at once"

Which is just fine with me....